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Downtown Minneapolis Grocery Shopping Angst

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Window Washing in a Snow Storm?

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Non-Stale Bread in Minnesota — Does It Exist?

After nine months of living in Minneapolis, I’ve yet to find white sandwich bread that’s not stale.  I’ve tried different stores — Target downtown, SuperTarget Edina, SuperTarget on University, Lund’s off of 3rd, Lund’s in Richfield.  I’ve tried different brands — Rainbow, Wonderbread, Pepperidge Farm.  Always stale.  Always.  What’s a person to do to make a decent peanut butter and jelly sandwich around here?


Sirloin Sliders with Cave-Aged Cheddar and Onion Jam with Sweet Potato Fries

These mini-burgers came from a Food and Wine recipe for Stilton Sirloin Burgers with Onion Jam from the Bar at the Peninsula in Chicago.  According to the Food and Wine write-up, “During the daily Gentleman’s Retreat Tea, these juicy mini cheeseburgers are served with a glass of The Peninsula’s house bourbon and a cigar.”

The main tweak I made was to use local Minnesota cave-finished cheddar – Fini Extra Sharp from the Caves at Faribault.  The onion jam was tasty, but the recipe made about twice as much as was needed for eight mini-burgers.  For buns, I used small rolls from the grocery store bakery.

Sweet potato fries were a great accompaniment to the sliders.  I like Alexia frozen sweet
potato fries for a quick and easy side.

I used Dynamite Vineyards 2006 North Coast Zinfandel in the red onion jam and served
it with the meal.  Zinfandel is a great match for burgers and other grilled foods.

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